Who are we ?

Yaypalm was created as a model of the kind of place we would want the world to be. A community where you are encouraged to inspire, create and share. We provide this platform to artist around the world to be able to create and share their art work

We hold our products to the highest standards of quality, innovation, and design. In doing so, you will always have creativity in the palm of your hand

Why we do it

To set the industry standard for Phone accessories while creating the world where we are encouraged to inspire, create and share among our community. Additionally, in efforts to give back, we donate a portion of our profit to charity

What set us apart

  • Commitment – we have committed that we will offer you the best product in quality and design for you to choose from.
  • Compassion – our business does not run on indifference, it runs on compassion. We know your money is valuable, which is why we offer you the best quality.
  • Respect – we respect all religious, political, and other leaders and values. Which is why none of our designs will ever offend you or anyone else.
  • Affordability – is one of our main concerns. We offer you the most affordable prices for our products.

Our promise to you

We at YayPalm wish to keep all our customers happy and build a long term relationship with them, to show them appreciation for their support. We are committed to offer you the best and secure online shopping experience. We make a point to set us apart from other companies like us, which is why we are constantly working on our product design.

Our Product Philosophy

Every YayPalm product is made-to-order and hand-inspected from corner to corner. With this, we can: ensure high-quality products, remain environmentally conscious by preventing excess waste, and most importantly, offer our employees a livable wage and health benefits. We promise 100% satisfaction on all of our products.

Product Selection

YayPalm has a superior product selection for every personality type and style, with an efficient and dedicated customer service support; that has helped us to be one of the most successful online business. We make it easy for our customers to shop online using our website, with a hassle free check out system.

contact us


Say hello anytime at contactus@yaypalm.com, or contact us on Instagram.