About us

Yaypalm is an upcoming design sharing platform inspired by people who appreciate beauty, individuality, and self-expression through art and creativity.

With an obsession to quality, style and most importantly value, we truly believe in the products we carry. We Carefully collaborating with a mix of well-known and upcoming independent designers, Artist, bloggers and fashionistas from the U.S and abroad.

To help create sustainable jobs for creative communities worldwide, we pledge to give a portion of our profits back to our artists.

If you’re looking for something new, fresh and modern then you are in the right place. Your interests are always the top priority for us, we hope you will enjoy our products as much as we enjoy making them available to you.

Our story

We believe the best moments in life happen unexpectedly. Shopping for a unique product that matches your sense of style and personality shouldn’t take you away from those moments.

Yaypalm began with the desire to create phone cases for personal use and for our friends and family. At home and across the world, our friends and family are people who motivate us to do what we do. As designers, creators, bloggers, and photographers, they inspire us with their passion and work – and support us in ours.

As a thank you, we designed Yaypalm to bring out the creativity in all of them and fit in the palm of your hand. We create products combining functional designs, considered detailed, the finest materials, and great personality and style. Just like them.


Our Philosophy

The objects we choose to surround ourselves with become inevitably, a part of our lives. They must be crafted with integrity to survive frequent use, and designed to appeal the eye for years to come. The care with which we select those objects is a small reflection of the way we choose to live our lives.

That’s why at YayPalm, we wish to keep all our customers happy and build a long term relationship with them, to show them an appreciation for their support. We are committed to offering you the best service, product, and secure online shopping experience.

We make a point to set us apart from other companies like us, which is why we’re committed to giving a portion of our profits back to our collaborators worldwide.

Our believe

We believe in creating a unique online shopping experience for all our customers.

We believe in making the best products from the finest industry materials.

We believe in connecting our customers with unconventional creators and designs on products they love.

We believe in great ideas, and doing things a little bit differently.

We believe our products are good value and that good service is good business

We believe in equality of regardless of gender, race or social status, and that people should enjoy the freedom of moment and speech all around the world.

We believe that a well-designed product can have very real and tangible effects on our everyday lives.

We also believe words like “high quality” and “Unique” have an honest meaning beyond marketing.

How do i contact Yaypalm?

Email us by clicking Here or  contact us Here

How do I place an order with YayPalm

Follow these steps,

  • Go to your cart
  • Select your shipping method and process to checkout
  • You will be lead to a Customer information page.
  • Fill up your important information (e.g. shipping address & name).
  • Choose your payment method
  • If Paypal, select it and proceed to Paypal.
  • It will lead you to PayPal’s page where you would need to log in to process the payment.
  • If you would like to pay using your Credit or Debit card, choose the option Pay with Debit or Credit Card. Our debit/credit cards are processed securely by Stripe.
How can I make changes to my order?

Simply email us at within 12 hours. Be sure to include your order number! If you would like to change your design, please also include the URL or name of the new design.

Otherwise, if it is the device type, case type or color that you would like to adjust, please also let us know the details in the email.

I’ve missed a promotion campaign for a recent order I placed. Can I still enjoy the offer?

Please let us know by contacting us HERE, we would wish to know the order number of yours and also the discount code/offer that you are after. We will be more than happy to evaluate what you have and honor the offer if it is deemed applicable.

We apologize, but we are unable to apply the adjustments retrospectively 24 hours after date of order, or the promotion expiration date, whichever comes earlier.

I’ve ordered few cases but I can’t find all of them. Where are the missing cases?

Please be sure to open up all the boxes first. We normally packed 2 cases in 1 box unless otherwise requested. If you have checked and the case is still not there, please contact us HERE

What types of cases do you offer ?

Please check the full list HERE. Not seeing the device you have? Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and stay tuned to our social media!

Are your Phone Cases Hard or Soft ?

Our case products are made from very high specification Amorphous Polymers, the same materials which are used on space missions and on bicycle helmets.

Our molds precisely match the dimensions of devices to ensure the best possible fit.

Do you print on the sides of the case as well ?

Our decorations is a full – wrap 3D process, extending around the 3D surface of the case – including the side, edges, and corners.

What Is the difference between the glossy finish and matte finish?

Glossy cases give off a shiny finish and are quite reflective compared to the matte finishing.

The glossy finishing has a stronger and bolder color while the matte finishing is slightly dull.
The matte, however, is extremely smooth and soft. As far as durability, there is no difference between both glossy and matte.

As far as durability, there is no difference between both glossy and matte.

How can I pay for my order?

We gladly accept all Payments via Visa, Mastercard, Discovercard, Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay.

All our debit/credit payments are processed securely via Stripe and Paypal

Do you accept Debit/Credit cards ?

Yes! We give you the convenience of using PayPal to pay for your order with NO PAYPAL ACCOUNT REQUIRED or Use your debit/credit card which is processed securely Via Stripe.

I paid with my credit/debit card, but why did I get an email from PayPal for confirmation?

We use the PayPal platform, so even if you used your credit/debit card, you’ll receive a confirmation from the PayPal team. Doesn’t seem right? Contact us.

How long will it take to receive my phone case?

It take us between 24 – 48 hours to produce a case. Most cases are delivered in 3 – 5 business days after it is shipped. Having problems with delivery ? Please Contact us

Check out our Shipping & Handling page for more information.

How can i contribute to Yaypalm Platform

Artist: You can email us at Contactus@yaypalm.com with subject line [Collaboration] Yaypalm and telling us about yourself and some samples of your work.

Others: Please Contact us HERE

Still, have questions?

Please contact us HERE

DM us on Instagram @yaypalm.official